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Welcome to 'The Potted Quiz'

Who Are We?

We certainly wouldn't claim to be the biggest and best Harry Potter fans in the world, but we certainly reckon we are up there somewhere! We're just a group of friends who've enjoyed re-reading the books so much they've fallen to pieces. (Yes, that does include the Kindle versions too!)


Having spent hours, evenings and even days talking about Harry and friends and trying to pose questions to catch each other out, we decided that as there are no truly stupendous Harry Potter quiz books out there - we'd compile them ourselves!


And that's exactly what we are doing.


The Potted Quiz Collection Revealed

So after deciding that we'd create the best ever quiz books about everything Harry, his friends and enemies too, we needed to decide how to offer it to everyone - and that's when the trouble started!


The problem is we had too many questions across different levels of difficulty. 


Some are "Easy", some "Not So Easy", others are "Hard" and then we really do think that the remaining ones are just plain "Ouch!" level. So almost by accident we'd magically worked out how to present the questions so that everyone could enjoy them, just choose a difficulty level and off you go.  (We did it this way  on purpose as we really don't like the way the other quiz books are presented, where the questions are set into boring lists about different people or places, it just doesn't feel adventurous or fun, it actually feels a bit repetitive!)


Then we hit on the answer -  we could compile 8 different volumes of questions. The first, which is going to be released shortly, will have questions that are picked at random from all 7 books to  give every reader the chance to enjoy as wide a set of questions as possible. Then we thought that after we publish that, why not create one volume of questions for each of the books in the series?


And the exciting news is that we've just finished and released the first book - Volume Eight! Yes, we know, wrong way round, believe me when I tell you you're not the first person to tell us! 

But to be honest, we'd started compiling questions from across all the books already and it was easier to continue and complete this one first, then start on Volume One etc. 

We also love the way we've laid this book out. Unlike all the other quiz books out there that make you flip to the back of the book each time you want to check an answer, shoving your finger into the pages to keep your place and basically giving you finger ache before flipping back to the next questions - we've laid it out so that the answers to questions are on the next page. For the answer, simply turn the page. Quick, simple, devastatingly effective!


The Definitive Potted Quiz Collection


In all there will be 8 volumes in the series.


The first volume that is just released is Volume Eight. In it are a range of questions, set across each of the four levels of difficulty, that are picked from across all the books.


You'll also be delighted to learn that a couple of the team are working on the questions for Volume One and Volume Two that focus on the first two books. 


Once they are written, as they are being formatted and compiled ready for you to enjoy, we'll get cracking on the next two volumes until they are all complete, shiny an ready to challenge you and so on and so on until we have covered all 7 books in the series.

Check out the all the details of each book in The Definitive Harry Potter Quiz Collection.

Click here to go to some sample questions from each level.


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