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The Definitive Harry Potter Quiz Collection


The Volumes

Thankfully for us, J. K. Rowling not only created the brilliant world of Harry and his friends but proceeded to give us 7 books, taking us into the life of a young boy living in the cupboard under the stairs, through a magical journey and series of adventures before finally pitting him in a life or death battle against the darkest wizard ever known, Voldermort.

But sadly - with the death of Voldermort, no more books!


Fans and avid Potterites the world over read and reread the books, watch and re-watch the films and join Potter fan sites in their thousands, happily discussing Potter and all things magical, sad in the knowledge that it's all over.

Not anymore.

The Definitive Harry Potter Quiz Collection is a series of 8 books thrusting you back into the world of Harry with spell binding, wand twisting multiple choice questions to test your knowledge and make you think - hard!

Unauthorised and unofficial they are, but lacking in depth, challenge and memory jolting questions they are not.

Each of the 8 volumes are multiple choice based quiz books. Each is ordered the same way with 4 levels of question difficulty.


"Easy" - suitable for everybody regardless of age, these questions are either a non challenging warm up for the levels to come or enough to make young heads cock to one side as they work through the options to get the right answer.


"Not So Easy" - lives up to it's name. these questions are a notch up from Easy, requiring just a bit more thought and reading.

"Hard" - takes us up another notch, now posing questions that will have almost all lovers of Potter pausing before answering, the mind sifting through the available answers as doubt starts to take hold. Of course the answer is B. No, hang on a sec, is it? Or is it D?  

"OUCH!!" - we love this level (as well as it's name) as it really is OUCH! You will pull a brain muscle with these questions, eyes scrunched up and fingers tapping absentmindedly as you struggle to catch even a glimmer of the right answer. You know it's one of four possibilities but really - which one? 

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What item of clothing frees Dobby the house elf?     


                                    A               A tie

                                    B               A belt

                                    C               A sock

                                    D               A glove


Where is the entrance to the Gryffindor common room?         


                                    A               Behind the Fat Lady's portrait

                                    B               Behind a pile of barrels

                                    C               Behind a stone wall in the dungeon

                                    D               Behind a door with an enchanted knocker


What subject does Professor Sprout teach?                  


                                    A               Herbology

                                    B               Astronomy

                                    C               History of Magic

                                    D               Transfiguration

Not So Easy

Who was Head of Ravenclaw?        


                                    A               Professor Flitwick

                                    B               Professor Snape

                                    C               Professor McGonagall

                                    D               Professor Sprout


Which potion grants you unusually good luck?        


                                    A               Amortentia

                                    B               Polyjuice Potion

                                    C               Veritaserum

                                    D               Felix Felicis


Which plant cries like a baby?        


                                    A               Gillyweed

                                    B               Mandrake

                                    C               Bubotuber

                                    D               Devil's snare


Who ate one of Fred & George's hexed custard creams?          


                                    A               Draco Malfoy

                                    B               Ron Weasley

                                    C               Ginny Weasley

                                    D               Neville Longbottom


What type of dragon did Harry get in his first task in the Triwizard tournament?         


                                    A               Green Welsh

                                    B               Hungarian Horntail

                                    C               Swedish Short-Snout

                                    D               Chinese Fireball


In which order were the first 4 horcruxes destroyed?             


                                    A               Diary, ring, cup, locket

                                    B               Diary, ring, locket, cup

                                    C               Diary, cup, ring, locket

                                    D               Diary, cup, locket, ring


How many times was Nearly Headless Nick hit in the neck with an axe?          


                                    A               8

                                    B               24

                                    C               45

                                    D               53


How long does the essay on "The Medieval Assembly of European Wizards have to be?              


                                    A               Three foot

                                    B               Three foot seven inches

                                    C               Four foot

                                    D               Four foot seven inches


Who is Hermione partnered with at her first duelling club session? 


                                    A               Millicent Bulstrode

                                    B               Tracey Davis

                                    C               Daphne Greengrass

                                    D               Pansy Parkinson



Easy: C - A - A

Not So Easy: A - D - B

Hard: D - B - B

OUCH!: C - A - A




















The Definitive Harry Potter Quiz Collection


Volume One


In the first of the Potter books, The Philosophers Stone, Harry started to learn all about the world of magic. Shall we see what you learned about it, Harry and friends too?


Volume One of The Definitive Harry Potter Quiz Collection focuses on the first of the J. K. Rowling books, with over 400 multiple-choice questions ranging from Easy to Ouch!! that explores the book in full and makes your wand hand itch with the anticipation of the battle to come!


Can you beat the Quiz?
















The Definitive Harry Potter Quiz Collection


Volume Two


Volume Two of The Definitive Harry Potter Quiz Collection throws you straight into the 2nd book, The Chamber of Secrets, locking you into a magical world of questions that range from Easy to Ouch!! and poses the riddle of how much you actually know about Harry and friends 2nd adventure.


You may know that the Basilisk killed Moaning Myrtle in the toilets but do you know what Moaning Myrtles’ real name was?


You do? Well done you.


But do you know who she was hiding from and why when she was killed? 

The Definitive Harry Potter Quiz Collection


Volume Three


Welcome to Volume Three of The Definitive Harry Potter Quiz Collection. It’s time for you to meet the Dementors but will you give up all hope or can you find the answers when others can’t?


Volume Three concentrates it’s questions on The Prisoner of Azkaban with the usual range of multiple-choice questions from Easy to Ouch!! to battle but, be warned, you may find the harder level questions really do leave you needing to learn the Patronus Charm as the final way to defend yourself.


Think you can handle it?

The Definitive Harry Potter Quiz Collection


Volume Four


The Goblet of Fire is the setting for our range of multiple-choice Easy to Ouch!! questions in The Definitive Harry Potter Quiz Collection, Volume Four.


Mad-Eye Moody, Barty Crouch Jr. and the Quidditch World Cup set you brain aching questions whilst the Goblet itself serves a range of questions to make any Harry Potter fan smile, wince and whoop for joy!


Are you going to put your name in the Goblet of Volume Four?

The Definitive Harry Potter Quiz Collection

 Volume Five


Harry and friends created Dumbledore’s’ army in J.K Rowling’s fifth book of the Harry Potter series, The Order of the Phoenix.  Do you have what it takes to be a soldier in their army?


Be warned, expert knowledge of the fifth book is needed to make it to the end of Volume Five of multiple choice quiz questions in The Definitive Harry Potter Quiz Collection.


You may be skilled enough to know where the army trained (in the Room of Requirement) but are you clever enough to know how many points Professor Sprout awarded Gryffindor when Harry passed her a watering can?


Grab this volume and take the challenge to prove yourself.

The Definitive Harry Potter Quiz Collection


Volume Six


The Definitive Harry Potter Quiz Collection continues in Volume Six with a dazzling series of questions, from Easy to Ouch!! focusing on The Half Blood Prince book.


The story plot thickens, as do the questions, ensuring you’ll be both spellbound with delight at your own knowledge of the book as well as scratching your head in anguish, certain you know the answer but unable to quite remember what it is!


We all know why he was called the Half Blood in the title but how many know why he was called the Prince?


How much does a 12-week course on Apparition cost?


Grab this volume and test your skills!


The Definitive Harry Potter Quiz Collection


Volume Seven


And so to the final Volume in the The Definitive Harry Potter Quiz Collection series, Volume Seven!


The Deathly Hallows may not have been the largest of J. K. Rowling’s’ books about Harry but it certainly carried a cauldron full of facts and tidbits – enough to make these questions and answers either seem like magic or a sinister taste of what life might have been like if Voldermort had one - evil!


Whilst the Easy level questions are not too bad you’ll need a Deathly quiet room somewhere to answer some of the Ouch!! level questions so settle down, take a deep breath and test yourself against the hardest opponent yet, just like Harry did.





The Definitive Harry Potter Quiz Collection

Volume Eight

The wizardly world of Harry Potter has delighted and entertained people of all ages across the world for years. 


From sleeping in a dusty cupboard under the stairs to fighting Voldermort to the death in the quad outside Hogwarts, the adventures of Harry and loyal friends has enthralled us all.


Now you can relive those wild adventures through The Definitive Harry Potter Quiz Collection - Volume “All Books”.


Packed with 501 multiple-choice questions across 4 levels of difficulty ranging from Easy to OUCH!, you can test your knowledge, and that of your friends to the limit. 


With Easy questions for pre O.W.L. level readers such as ‘Who Killed Dumbledore?’ and ‘How many players are there in a Quidditch team?’ to questions that would flumox a N.E.W.T. level student - ‘What was the final score in Harry Potter’s first Quidditch game?’ and “What step did Harry miss out of his draught of peace potion?’ this volume of questions will surely have everyone spellbound.


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Kindle Release Date - Early October 2017

Paperback Release Date - Mid October 2017