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So who exactly is Andy Rose?

Andy is best described as a dreaming adventurer. 

When he's not immersing himself into the fantasy worlds of authors such as JK Rowling, JRR Tolkien, AA Milne or the like then he's usually to be found on his BMW R1200GS Adventure motorbike, touring Europe and the rest of the world with his wife comfortably perched on the seat behind.

Father to two children, (both in their late teens and both avid readers of fiction or simply "any good book" ) and occasional, reluctant attendee of the work place, but only when he REALLY has to! - Andy draws the most pleasure from quizzes and puzzles, especially anything related to the 80s but not music, he's terrible at remembering band names and who sang what. 

When his children were younger and still willing and able to lie in contentment whilst their dad read to them, Andy took immense pleasure from introducing them both to the world of Harry Potter. 

It soon, as their questing minds grew ever stronger, became a new family tradition that dad would ask questions about the story that had been read so far during dinner each night. Very quickly these impromptu quiz sessions needed to be more organised and even prepared in advance if he was to really tax their young minds. From this fun session each day, the idea of creating The Potted Quiz collection was struck.

His biggest hope is that the books are soon gathering a devoted band of followers who gain as much fun and enjoyment from them as he and his family have. Maybe mums and dads will use them to introduce their own new family passion.

If that means he also earns a little extra pocket money to afford a few more trips with his wife somewhere new and exciting - all the better!